Himler Veterinary Services strongly encourages a thorough dental exam annually.  This will help to keep your equine friend happy, healthy and performing well.  Himler Veterinary Services will sedate the horse for their comfort and then open your horse's mouth with a speculum that will allow Dr. Himler to locate any problems that may be present in the back of your horse's mouth.  Himler Veterinary Services uses a motorized dental float to adequately take down any sharp points present on your horse's teeth.  Not only can sharp edges on the teeth be painful, they also prevent the horse from chewing their food adequately.  Not chewing the food adequately can interfer with digestion and lead to weight loss.  It is important that your horse be sedated and an oral speculum placed to do a thorough dental exam.  If this is not done, problems in the back of the mouth are often missed.  

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